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A couple of years ago, I decided to try out this app called Ibotta, that I had heard a friend of mine using. What? You get money from your normal grocery shopping? I thought it was too good to be true, and I’m one of those people who go searching all over the internet for reviews and user experiences to see if this will actually be worth my time and effort.

Sure enough, I ran into those reviews, yeah, people said it was true, but I’m a hard one to convince. I am always skeptical about reading reviews that are “fake” or made by the app developers to try to get more people to sign up…. I’ve learned in life that if you want to know for sure if something works or not, is to DO IT YOURSELF to find out. I’ve been through plenty of trials and errors with these apps, and I promise I will NEVER waste my time writing about an app that isn’t worth YOUR time.

Ibotta is an app that pays out as promised.

I have saved you some time by giving you the direct link to the app on all words in this blog that say, Ibotta. So go ahead and download it here. If you have trust issues about apps (like I do) & you’re still wanting to read a bit about it first, you can find the same link in multiple places on this blog, and I’ll put one at the end as well. 🙂 Currently, they are offering you a $5 bonus if you sign up now. Don’t wait long because I notice these offers expire quickly!

How do I get paid?

Here’s a couple screen shots I took on my phone just now (I covered my email for privacy reasons)


You can be paid by PayPal, Venmo, or by gift card. I have only ever used my PayPal, because I simply prefer cash money to do with as I please, and I can transfer it directly into my bank account. Originally, there was a $5 minimum to cash out. They then changed it to $10, and now I noticed that it is $20 minimum. Fortunately, it is not difficult to reach those minimums, as it is with other apps that promise the same types of payouts.

How Ibotta Works:

A photo showing what my account screen looks like. A photo of me, my lifetime earnings, and my main menu. The menu is where I can withdraw cash, see which bonuses are available, how my team is doing, my shopping list, and where to invite my friends on social media.


You buy groceries, movies/see movies in theaters, eat out at restaurants, buy clothes, alcohol, flowers, office supplies, medicine, make travel arrangements, buy pet supplies, etc.

If you purchase ANYTHING listed in the Ibotta app, there will be a rebate that they pay directly to you. These rebates range from $0.10 – $10.00+ each.

I took some screen shots on my phone to show you a little bit inside of the Ibotta app to give you a better idea of what I’m explaining.

         For example: I just bought tomatoes and orange juice this morning at Safeway. When I got home, I remembered to check my Ibotta app to see if anything I purchased was available for a rebate. They both were! I got $0.25 for buying the tomatoes, and $0.25 for the Orange juice. Items that I was going to buy anyway! So I simply have to click on each rebate to unlock it. After the rebates are unlocked, I press a button that says “Verify Purchases”. It will ask me to scan the product UPC label that I just purchased, using my smartphone. It will activate my bar code scanner through my camera (I downloaded a basic bar code scanner app for my phone), and just line up the box with the label and it scans and verifies that you purchased the exact product listed. Once the rebate is correctly matched, it asks for a copy of your store receipt, showing that you purchased the items. You simply take a picture with your phone, and submit. Then within 24 hours, the money is credited to your account.

Not only do you get rebates for the things you buy, but there are plenty of “bonus cash” opportunities by completing little tasks, such as the bonus called “Ring In The New Year”, which expires 01/07/2016 at 12:00 am. It says, “Celebrate the New Year and make a resolution to earn more cash back! Get an extra $6.00 when you verify 6 rebates”. Completing this bonuses can fill up your cash balance quickly. So make sure you read them before your shopping trip! There may be a certain way you purchase items to ensure they count towards bonus cash, on top of the rebate cash you already received!

There is plenty that I could go into, about this app, but it is ever expanding as it becomes more and more popular. I will be glad to answer anyone’s questions, just leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best. But as I tell friends and family, the best way to know, is by trying it out yourself and see! I don’t know about you, but I learn best by doing and having the hands on experience. If you’re that person, then just jump right in. If it’s not everything you hoped it would be, simply uninstall the app. No harm done. 🙂

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoy making money back on your everyday shopping trips!! Since installing Ibotta on my phone, it is probably the one app I have kept the longest. And although there were periods of time where I didn’t use it (and probably missed out on so much), due to being forgetful or whatever, I always come back to it, because it’s exciting hearing that “Ka-Ching!” sound as they deposit more cash into my account!

Here is the link for Ibotta. Enjoy!! Let me know how it works out for ya!