As you may already know, my name is Heather. I’m a married mother of 2 beautiful girls. My husband is a Disabled War Veteran and I too spent a few years in the Military. I have never really blogged much, but sometimes I like to share How To’s or DIY’s, because frankly, I LOVE making homemade items, gifts, decorations, and household supplies. Don’t know why, I just have an excited satisfaction when I know I don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for me, or if I have to pay money for it to be done. Anywhere that I can save money, works for me. My husband, Joel, is still adopting my way of doing things, including living a TV-Free lifestyle, 2 years and going strong. Not only does it take up an incredible amount of people’s daily lives, but also takes out time that could be devoted to learning something useful. I want my girls to grow up knowing that there is more to life than coming home and flipping on a TV until your eyes are too droopy to stay awake… Anyway…that’s a whole other blog.

Some of my quirks:

I like to use a lot of “dot dot dot’s” while typing…so don’t mind how often you may see them…

I am a true believer of following my “noodle thoughts” (I will write a blog explaining about this when I have a moment, although most women already know what I am talking about).

I am one of the most soft-hearted people, and do NOT judge others for their differences.

I don’t like & will not engage in conflict, drama, arguing, revenge, gossip, etc.

I am a Spirit-Filled Christian. I believe the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.

My favorite color (when asked) is Lavender. Now, come to think of it, I don’t really own many things that are Lavender. In my home, I prefer things to match. I really couldn’t handle having a flowery couch or brown wooded furniture. I prefer, blacks, greys, whites and creams when it comes to interior decorating. Wrought iron is a favorite of mine.

Many of my friends refer to me as the Doctor who doesn’t have a degree.

I am constantly seeking all of the answers to Life’s questions…and I have A LOT of them.

Enough about me…let’s do this blogging thing. Feel free to suggest a topic and I’ll share. =)

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